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¿About Us

ESEMED is the Higher Level School of Medical Studies. We have a highly competitive range of teachers who are active in the medical field for the Medical Training Education of both newly licensed professionals and experienced professionals, in the field of Healthcare and bio-health who wish to consolidate or expand their knowledge.

Origin of the institution.

ESEMED has come to identify the need for specialised training in different health areas for all interested parties nationally, not living in one of the major cities offering training in the medical, clinical and pharmaceutical sector. All this is without the necessity of long distances, and expensive accommodation in order to progress in your career and in your professional training to compete in the current international environment.

In this way, our students not only are trained, they are also given the link between our institution and the labour market.

Who is its target?

Experienced professionals or students in the area of health, nurses, axuliary nurses and other healthcare professionals, seeking the three pillars of ESEMED.

The Three pillars of ESEMED

  • COURSES AND PROGRAMMES OF THE HIGHEST QUALITY regardless of the geographic location nationally (accredited programs, in some cases, by institutions such as the Ministry of Health, backed by different State institutions and the Continued Training Commission).
  • OPTIMISATION OF COST AND TIME , of students, in which they are incurred by displacement and accommodation.
  • ACCESS TO THE LABOUR MARKET for our students, making them competitive within and beyond our borders and managing their placement through the ESEMED recruitment agency, through our direct link with public institutions and private companies as needed by health professionals.

Mission, vision and values

Our mission

To create value in the integral management of the training of our students in the areas demanded by public institutions and private companies, enabling them to obtain the highest competitive level - nationally and internationally, regardless of their geographical location, through content and high level training, also advising and managing their access to the labour market.

Our Vision

To bring value to ensuring educational excellence and competitiveness of our students in the medical and health area, making it feasible to expand and consolidate knowledge regarding these areas, co-designing an innovative, theoretical and practical methodology that is highly specialised.

Our Values

Commitment to educational excellence.

Contributing to students’ competitive differential values in their professional development is imperative. A student of ESEMED is a professional who has followed contents of high quality through an innovative methodology, designed by distinguished professionals in asset for each of the disciplines offered. This faculty has been selected by value of their abilities to form our faculty and share current scenarios, techniques and their practical experience with the students. In addition, directors and coordinators of programs accompany and guide students during the development of the training.

Specialised content and high level training without geographical barriers.

Facilitate a tailored, face-to-face training and online, for a training offer of quality with high level content wherever the students come from, through professionals highly qualified coming from:

  • Major public health institutions nationally and internationally.
  • First level Healthcare companies and institutions of all major cities in Spain.
Competitiveness in cost and time.

Be competitive with respect to any other school of business costs and times, adapting the resources to the students’ needs with logistics and financial facilities at their disposal.


Facilitate access to the labour market. ESEMED offers job counseling or job interviews. Students have access to the JOB OFFERS certified by ESEMED specialisation courses. Through this platform, our Human Resources Department will contact the students. Our recruitment agency has strong links with public institutions and private companies, who require professionals specialised in skills taught in our programs so ESEMED may include them in the recruitement process guaranteeing their success.


Theoretical and practical classes

ESEMED programs are designed for the student to participate directly in the assimilation of contents and skills, using a combination of theoretical and practical classes.

The professionals teaching the classroom lectures, acquired their background from major public institutions and private companies directly related to the working environment demanded by our students. In these classes we power the participation of the students is by conducting case studies, organized debates and teamwork.

The assimilation of the theoretical contents will be done through the development of a final project that involves the design, drafting and presentation of the phases that make up each project and / or oral / written evaluation of the contents through the corresponding accreditation.

Virtual classroom and On-line teachers Support

For the development of work outside the teaching hours, discussion forums, exchange and sharing of documents and other materials and area assessments for the final accreditation.

Tutorial sessions

Each program consists of individualised tutoring sessions, open to discussion of items that students may need to reinforce or to support previous knowledge. This is in order to advise and guide individuals in the development of the programme for their job training.

Specialised seminars

Additionally, our programs include professional seminars brought from national or international institutions. This provides highly professional and experienced testimonies of the vocational framework that our students aspire to achieve.

Multicultural environment

ESEMED features a multicultural eclectic team of teachers and practical examples of the multinational environment in which to train our students.

Letter from the CEO

Daniel J. Martínez-Canca


Facilitating access to specialised training anywhere throughout the country is a clear objective demanded by society and poses the question of how to balance the value of human capital, yet can be restricted to only major cities. In many cases, due to geographical barriers, and personal or professional circumstances there are people unable to travel outside their provinces.

This makes it very difficult, and along with the cost of accommodation, means that attendance of such courses is very difficult for many people.

The means that the resources and recognition that the education system provides in specialised training often focuses on just a few areas. Along with the uneven investment that has been made in the field of education and professional training, some people wrongly identify, 'Quality' with 'city where they are taught'.

Therefore, ESEMED offers a private educational structure breaking all the barriers created by the current system, resolving the differences in quality and existing recognition linked to the city of origin of the institution training, responding to the needs of a large group of students and professionals who demand the same opportunities within the framework of the vocational competitiveness that exists, both domestically and internationally.

ESEMED will provide student access to the market thanks to our recruitment agency and our links with the human resources departments of companies both private and public institutions for health workers.

This innovative collective architecture is built on three essential pillars: a high level of quality education open to everyone throughout the country. Advanced programmes that meet the needs of students. Competitive times and costs, whilst facilitating access to the labour market nationally and internationally.

Our three pillars are the incentive for students to enroll in programmes offered by ESEMED